Two Poems by Guna Moran

Both poems are translated from the Assamese by Bibekananda Choudhury   "The Third Day" She is sitting to partake a meal Pushing aside pangs of sorrow No one dies of sorrow Hunger remains Till one is alive Death gets dwarfed by hunger   "Eye" Life would depart Leaving the body lying on earth Someone would cry … Continue reading Two Poems by Guna Moran

Poems by Nardine Sanderson

Untainted flowers. ___________________ Untainted flowers have come to rest Where love resides, within my chest A beating heart where once lacked light Beautifully grown, this garden in sight. Bright eye _____________ She may have wept his parted days, and sleepless nights a restless gaze Into starlight there above In countless mourning Of their love For … Continue reading Poems by Nardine Sanderson