By Wendy Taylor  It sat on a shelf in Dad’s wardrobe and each time I went in to grab a jacket to put on him when we went out for a walk, I saw it there. A bible. I had never really given it a second thought assuming it to be a family bible which … Continue reading Esme


By Jim Bates It was a hot August dawn. We were on the city dock, dangling our feet above the water. The sun was rising orange above the trees. The lake stretched out in front of us, waves rippling with a few ducks floating nearby. I hardly noticed any of it.  Davy had driven us … Continue reading Leeches

He Who Is In A Hurry Always Arrives Late

By Nancy Malcolm "He Who Is In A Hurry Always Arrives Late"Georgian Proverb I was running, clutching my purse, and holding my powder blue Samsonite train case. My dad was saying, “Hurry, Nan! We’re so late! I’m afraid you’ll miss your flight.” We rounded the corner of the parking garage and headed down the stairs. … Continue reading He Who Is In A Hurry Always Arrives Late