The Day of Judgment

By Archit Joshi In the desert city of Akhmenrah, peace was finally settling after a ferocious battle between King Gohäd and King Dahemòn. The battle had raged on for a decade, causing pitiable destruction of infrastructure and resources. That’s the thing about war. Willing or unwilling, each life is affected, be it a peasant’s or … Continue reading The Day of Judgment


By Jegadeesh Kumar Vijayalakshmi alias Vj showered, dried her hair, brushed away the thought of having a ponytail and decided to keep a loose hair style. With larger earrings, it’d look graceful if the hair overflowed the ears. She scanned her image in the mirror. The hair was straight, shiny and bubbly. Yatra’s hair was … Continue reading Makeup

Reframing Walter

By Russell Richardson Tom felt true affection for his therapist Walter. Unlike confused parents, expectant girlfriends, and demanding employers, Walter accepted Tom unconditionally. For years, the silver-haired man had nodded sagely while Tom talked on the office’s leather couch. When Tom’s ramblings developed into a meaningful thought, Walter expressed satisfaction; when the babble went nowhere, … Continue reading Reframing Walter