Snake-Cell Dreams   

By Sandeep Kumar Mishra In his dreams, Rajan searches for the ghosts. He hunts for them, tracing their footsteps in the dirt. He is back in his hometown— he knows these roads. The moonlight shivers on his skin. The crooked streets rattle around him. His heart burns in his chest. Baba, mama. Where are you? … Continue reading Snake-Cell Dreams   

The Emperor of 2nd Street

By Leo Hines 7:45 a.m. on Key South-Bay island meant tourists buses, motor-scooters and bikers were hogging the highways. The harbor was a ball of confusion with anxious tour groups meandering to their rental boats. Long  crooked lines were at the Amusement park.The snow birds had arrived. Smiley Lehman, age 18, needed to hustle with … Continue reading The Emperor of 2nd Street