Tears and Laughter

By john collins 2018   Tears are not always shed in pain. Many books have been written in tears. as well, containing their share of laughter. Much of  history has been written in tears. with its thread of struggle and strife. Life can be a school for tears as well as a school for laughter. … Continue reading Tears and Laughter

A rose and waste picker

By Sunil Sharma   A rose blooms on a dump in Delhi It sways in the morning wind the way drunk girls sway and swear on the predatory Indian streets and restricted cultural zones to express happiness and freedom from stifling familial and patriarchal constraints In Mumbai and other metros on long Saturday nights. The morning light plays on the petals and … Continue reading A rose and waste picker


By  Grace Calvert She faced them, two shadowy figures. Painfully familiar.      Which would she choose? The same as any other night. Which would she choose? Which would she choose? Would she choose?      To choose.      She had repeated it so many times; it barely seemed like a word anymore. Merely a concept.      A shadow; forever lurking, … Continue reading Fireflies