Saying Goodbye in Key West

By Sarah Brennan “Child please, you made it safely!  Praise God.”  My Aunt Ruthie’s exclamations of greeted me in the small arrivals’ terminal at the Key West Airport. After a day of travel from California I was relieved, and slightly energized, to have finally made it.  The warm, humid, tropical air enveloped me as we … Continue reading Saying Goodbye in Key West

The Emperor of 2nd Street

By Leo Hines 7:45 a.m. on Key South-Bay island meant tourists buses, motor-scooters and bikers were hogging the highways. The harbor was a ball of confusion with anxious tour groups meandering to their rental boats. Long  crooked lines were at the Amusement park.The snow birds had arrived. Smiley Lehman, age 18, needed to hustle with … Continue reading The Emperor of 2nd Street

“The St. John” and “Abandoned Barns”

By Thomas Page “The St. John” Cypress and Palm jut out of the Water in the St. John. Cows graze Along the flooded plains, eagles Roost in watercolored trees, fish Swim along side airboats whizzing O’er alligators torporing, Cranes, spoonbills, and other avians Float on ebbing lagoons now full. “Abandoned Barns” Abandoned barns sitting nearby … Continue reading “The St. John” and “Abandoned Barns”