White Fairy Lights Brighten the Trails

By Carmen F Micsa Life can be a fairy-tale Photo by CARMEN F MICSA, Salmon Falls Trails, CA  White fairy lanterns — orbits of light cascade down winter’s raw and reddish earth on an early spring day. Wide-opened cups of joy —  nature’s nod to winter’s sorrows melted away as quickly as chirping sparrows. Serene snow globes, the delicate white … Continue reading White Fairy Lights Brighten the Trails

The Labouring Flower

By Anthony Ward Snowdrops droop Steeped in sentiment Like perched memories Appearing forlorn and frail Wearing winters fleece Blending with their harsh climate They could be so easily trampled Yet stand resilient Braced against brute force Slugging it against the odds Hardy and robust Modestly opposed to the bountiful beauty Of springs bloom Bearing just … Continue reading The Labouring Flower

Haiku by Thomas Page (319-337)

319 Hummingbird feeder In a hibernating tree— My bare hands are cold. 320 April showers wash Away Japanese flowers— Bonsai gardener. 321 How could I ever Count the raindrops on windows— Reflection of stars. 322 My foot plunges in Puddles deep as trenches chilled With the absent light.   323 A faceless chamber Voting against … Continue reading Haiku by Thomas Page (319-337)

Poems by Nardine Sanderson

Untainted flowers. ___________________ Untainted flowers have come to rest Where love resides, within my chest A beating heart where once lacked light Beautifully grown, this garden in sight. Bright eye _____________ She may have wept his parted days, and sleepless nights a restless gaze Into starlight there above In countless mourning Of their love For … Continue reading Poems by Nardine Sanderson