May Flowers Contest

It's time for our next contest! Our editors are looking for poems, short stories, and art pieces which celebrate flowers and other flora. They can be from any genre. The requirements: Entries must be submitted by APRIL 15, 2022They can be any length and you can turn in more than oneThey must be APPROPRIATE. This means … Continue reading May Flowers Contest

Poems by Nardine Sanderson

Untainted flowers. ___________________ Untainted flowers have come to rest Where love resides, within my chest A beating heart where once lacked light Beautifully grown, this garden in sight. Bright eye _____________ She may have wept his parted days, and sleepless nights a restless gaze Into starlight there above In countless mourning Of their love For … Continue reading Poems by Nardine Sanderson

“Whatever Brilliant Shade”

By Thomas Page Whatever brilliant shade that happens Upon a petal or blade inspires The mind’s eye to a world hued with the Intensity of everlasting springs That beget ever-knowing happiness. Nature preserved in Keats’ frieze, an urn Adorned with the ultimate perfection As gauged by an imperfect eye wishing For it to be so. … Continue reading “Whatever Brilliant Shade”