The Baker

By Zenstateofmind Jewel despised the free lunch. She’d rather starve than beg for cakes. It took her aging nights and sweating feet, to own a bakery.  She was told plenty of times “you’re too ambitious for a woman.”  And her answer always remains “I can’t live in the shells and shadows some  women I know, live … Continue reading The Baker

Heaven’s Window

By George Keyes A MORNING’S HAND Afaaf opened her eyes. It was morning, or was it really the middle of the evening? As she wondered, she turned on the wooden bed, not yet fully awake, a hundred of birds playing in the backward, and those earthly sounds from the ravine reached her as if they … Continue reading Heaven’s Window

I am not Going to Prepare Kevun this Time

By Indunil Madhusankha   (Previously published in the international anthology of poetry, “Moonlight Dreamers of Yellow Haze” on 12th March 2016)   Loku Naenda sitting still on a bench watched the framed photograph of her son, my cousin, that made an exhibition of him in his army uniform and fortitude My puerile questionnaire had its … Continue reading I am not Going to Prepare Kevun this Time

“The Pass”

By Karen Trappett   Byron kept his kitchen fastidiously clean; his pride and joy, and his livelihood. The stainless-steel countertops gleamed from constant rubbing and buffering between sittings and the copper-bottomed pots shimmered under the bright halogen downlights - placed with regimented precision above the work surface. Taking off his chef’s hat and placing it … Continue reading “The Pass”