Poems by Ann Christine Tabaka

Garment of Pain   Trying to forget pain sewn into the hem of my life, with stitches  straight and precise. No scissor  can cut me free. Adamantine thread of dolor, pulled tight, knotted and  tucked deftly. Perfect garment of malaise,  worn without a thought of redemption.  Cold truth filtrates through loose woven cloth.  Frayed edges  … Continue reading Poems by Ann Christine Tabaka

Poems by Brian Rihlmann

EAT THE FRUIT and who's to say... maybe some tremor of what you called you may wield the sceptre instead of the pick and shovel on your next orbit but what you call you won't be there don't hope for that and should this trouble us? we're barely here when we're here we drive this … Continue reading Poems by Brian Rihlmann