The Untranslatable: Yuputka

By Thomas Page This is a series of poems of words that do not directly translate into English. I have tried to capture the essence of the word in a poem.   Walking barefoot in a glen ruled by the moon When the equinox is closer than the solstice was far The ground is alive … Continue reading The Untranslatable: Yuputka

Poems by Kushal Poddar

Hymn For My Ears   Their magnet points, now a few thousand years later, do not bend when you call my name.   They seemed spectral, figmental, until hearing narrowed. Now I know they exist although you’re not so sure.   Past sends a message through a ham radio. Present hears white butterflies covering a … Continue reading Poems by Kushal Poddar

Should I one day remember that other life of ours

By James Diaz my, what beautiful years you have in your pack, trailing the eastern front brambles, burning barns- then the light in your eyes hesitating between things I broke like bread crumbs every stone in me hungry for naming, clamor cells bursting cool, summer crushes and hanging laundry forest winding its longest arm around … Continue reading Should I one day remember that other life of ours

New Years Day, Hallelujah, Kindergarten Forest

By Thomas Page “New Years Day” As night bleeds into day, the sun Will rise against a Renaissance’d World of resolutions, hopes, dreams. Holy day of obligation Sets the nail on the old vinyl To chant songs of the Mother of God. The Christmas tree is thrown out Into expanse of wilderness. “Hallelujah” Hallelujah, alleluia No matter … Continue reading New Years Day, Hallelujah, Kindergarten Forest