By JayM   Walk lonely, through a trough, Blink, at a picture unseen, Eyes open, tears dried, Water to roots, Fruit unseen, Seeded, to the mind. Fogged, Absence, water to memories, Once, not to limit, Breath! Through a bird to fly; A flight of fancy, Born to thrive, Never in thought to die! In life … Continue reading Freedom

Poems by Paweł Markiewicz

The victory ode to the dreamy peace My poesy is for you - peace - invocation that enchanted peaceful birds at adoration. The peace as ghost needs also become a lily. My fire for the sake of the peace flies blissfully. I like valedictorians from Ivory coast, carrying a weird of peace such a druidic … Continue reading Poems by Paweł Markiewicz

April Showers Contest- Poetry First Place

Precipitation  By  Bernadette Perez Billowing thick clouds overwhelmed the sky Rain trickled Washed away frowns Smiles gleam upon children’s faces Smooth comfort milked in warmth Curdles my soul Frost forms on open spaces A cold mist Frozen ice needles stand at attention Appearance of glass across the surface ................Twinkling beauty in the streets Frolic in … Continue reading April Showers Contest- Poetry First Place