Friend’s Departure

By Sahaj Sabharwal   Time has come now , For an ending, wow. Your friendship will be no more, Your absence will make things  bore . Gossips with friends , Learning new trends . Talks with us , you did , Forever, you are alive in our mind . It's  time to say you goodbye, … Continue reading Friend’s Departure

“Me and Mrs Fisher”

By Laura Potts   The world lit its lights and hung pearls in our eyes like trembling moons under darkling stars. The night saw the city asleep and aslope as the land fell away to the left and the right, the sight of the globes in your eyes nightjars in pale pools of light. I … Continue reading “Me and Mrs Fisher”


By  Grace Calvert She faced them, two shadowy figures. Painfully familiar.      Which would she choose? The same as any other night. Which would she choose? Which would she choose? Would she choose?      To choose.      She had repeated it so many times; it barely seemed like a word anymore. Merely a concept.      A shadow; forever lurking, … Continue reading Fireflies

Life is a Glass of Coke

By Sravani Singampalli Email id: Bio: Sravani Singampalli is a published writer and poet from India. She is presently pursuing doctor of pharmacy at JNTU KAKINADA university in Andhra Pradesh,India. I sit with a glass of coke I take small sips And enjoy its refreshing taste. Conversations with my friends press on And after sometime … Continue reading Life is a Glass of Coke