Summer Contest Honorable Mentions

"Days of the Dragonfly" by Feby Joseph, "Summertime" by Rie Sheridan Rose, and "Boardwalk, Estival Solstice" by Gary Glauber. Boardwalk, Estival Solstice   Gary Glauber Fragrant silence of lily of the valley’s luster caught in lambent light of dying sunset signals certitude of seasonal change. Summer arrives, all sullen vigor descending, eager to vent shirtless … Continue reading Summer Contest Honorable Mentions


By Gary Glauber It troubles me to hear this talented young woman has been gotten to by those who preach compromise & the safety of practicality. I need to tell her to ignore the long odds, to take her youthful beauty, her singing, dancing, & infectious charisma, & pursue the impossible. I don’t even know … Continue reading Guidance