The Handmaiden

By Mehreen Ahmed Eliza stood in front of her bathroom mirror and squeezed the end of a nearly empty tube of toothpaste. Between her thumb and her index finger, her fingernails turned an inconsistent color of white pink, the plumpness of the tip of her skin diminishing. Breathing short and tight, her lips were thinning … Continue reading The Handmaiden

Ghost and Other Poems

By John Van Dreal Ghost At a divey place just off the sound, between Bellingham and Ferndale. A rich palette of neon lighting, booze advertisements, dozens of small TVs featuring sports and sitcom reruns filling the den—the bar owners have made the interior their canvas. A sign reads, Fancy Beer Not Found Here. The tap … Continue reading Ghost and Other Poems

High School Contest Third Place Winner Fiction: “90 Day Ghost”

by Sarah Boyt Alyona knows not where she is going nor what she is doing. All she knows is that is must get away. She must get away from it all: the barn with the tacky halloween decorations, her fiance’s so called friends that call her a gold digger and tell her to go back … Continue reading High School Contest Third Place Winner Fiction: “90 Day Ghost”