The Button Girl

By Christopher Henckel Part 1 The Button Girl arrived in Buckhannon, West Virginia, in the spring of 1962. No one knew her real name or where she came from. She simply appeared.  Standing between the town’s five-and-dime and Jerry’s Auto Repair on Main Street, The Button Girl held a jade button to her eye as … Continue reading The Button Girl

The Girl on the Train

By Amelhyne O'Regan-Farineau I never knew the girl on the train But she smiled at every passing tree Like they were an old friend She was saying goodbye to For the last time Misty eyed As the condensation rolls from her eyes Her mask the same colour as the sky I wonder if her mind … Continue reading The Girl on the Train

High School Contest Third Place Winner Poetry: “The girl in front”

by Ya'Rose Sambou The girl walks over and talked to turned backs She talked and talked with no response Until she turned her back, did they talk They talked and talked but she didn't understand  While the girl in the front, watches  The girl looks over and catches her eye She walked and walked until … Continue reading High School Contest Third Place Winner Poetry: “The girl in front”

A rose and waste picker

By Sunil Sharma   A rose blooms on a dump in Delhi It sways in the morning wind the way drunk girls sway and swear on the predatory Indian streets and restricted cultural zones to express happiness and freedom from stifling familial and patriarchal constraints In Mumbai and other metros on long Saturday nights. The morning light plays on the petals and … Continue reading A rose and waste picker