The Bard

By Mark Kodama I. When Nicanor the Bard returned home from the wars in Asia, he was restless. He had made a fortune many times over only to lose everything, save his life.  When he left Greece, he was a penniless young man. When he returned, he was a penniless middle-aged man. So he told … Continue reading The Bard

Poems by Paweł Markiewicz

The longing the enticing aspiration is such a golden Apollonian sunshine my muse-like tune of a bosom as the dainty cherubic dreamlet or it is a tender ring that shines at the magnanimous chevalier and it is an embellishment of the metaphysics the dazzling wishfulness is able to long for Herculeanly propitious sea of candles … Continue reading Poems by Paweł Markiewicz

Plato-Bible Eclectic Mixed Metaphors

By Gerard Sarnat Half-Israeli grandson Liav and I  throw ourselves into post Chanukah  truck dumpty dumpties, dreidel  mini-footballs then make his yofi*  new train station bubble with electric soap suds deep deep inside Coachie’s  man cave which at times tends to be awash in unkosher sour squashed Domino  pizza boxes among leaning towers’ Joseph Coat-Of-Many-Colors … Continue reading Plato-Bible Eclectic Mixed Metaphors