A Writer’s Prayer and Other Haiku

By Shreya Dhital A Writer's Prayer They held the wand and prayed to never let a full stop meet the last sentence they write Salt A bruise on my knee, Awaiting a band-aid, meets a pinch of salt! You You appear and the furrow between my brows leaves a grin in its wake Soft Weeps … Continue reading A Writer’s Prayer and Other Haiku

Out of Darkness

By Katja R. Philipp Mornings after Finding song In morning bird Where the sun radiates Inside & through The flower pedals move In dance A turn of neck Of elegance and glare The poet at loss for words For a world so rich and alive Turns to song Rhythms bespeak of ritual And ceremony is … Continue reading Out of Darkness

Sunset in December and Other Poems

By Donovan Westjohn Sunset in December Scurry of squirrels with mouthfuls ran towards aboriginal trees; Piqued tasteful of moonlit mystery entwine outside hatched tread, midnight blue peacock feathers flung- on scarlet macaw volcanic colored sky like a fan morph to gel wax. West coast ocean sputtered a washing machine dial set high seething against queens … Continue reading Sunset in December and Other Poems

Haiku by Thomas Page

A litany of Purple wildflowers on The concrete island. Knights of yore wore masks To protect themselves from strikes From their foes unknown. The rain poured purple— The lighting thunder gray— The sky shaded black. The salamanders Under the rocks with mother— Micro-firmament. The puzzle disjointed— A million bits of soul— Each color indistinct. The … Continue reading Haiku by Thomas Page

Three Haiku

By James Bates   Butterfly Delight Purple Coneflower Monarch butterfly alights Double delightful.   Sunlight Dancing Morning dew sparkles Tiny droplets glistening Sunlight dances wildly.   Thirst Springtime misting rain Tender garden shoots reaching Thirstily drinking.   Jim lives in a small town twenty miles west of Minneapolis, Minnesota. His stories have appeared online in CafeLit, The … Continue reading Three Haiku

Haiku by Paweł Markiewicz

1. TENDER VANS a broad-leaved garlic I begin thinking about his - vans of soft dreams .............................. 2. PHILOSOPHY wood garlic in holt philosophizing for you - begin and finish? ………………………………………. 3.LONELINESS holt full of ramson broken vans are lonely - woe to nothingness! ………………………………………. 4.SHROUDED IN DREAMY SPRINGTIDE ramson in springtide nothingnesses such an … Continue reading Haiku by Paweł Markiewicz

Haiku by Thomas Page

  The november rains  Pour down into the foggy Plains b’low hidden sun.  The faux-jade apple  On the faux-mahogany  Desk. Are these hands real? I cannot name the  Stars more ancient than I am With lights eclipsed now.  The trees grew orange-red,  The others stayed green-yellow, The trunks look the same.  The palm-reader’s map--  Like … Continue reading Haiku by Thomas Page

Haiku by Thomas Page (319-337)

319 Hummingbird feeder In a hibernating tree— My bare hands are cold. 320 April showers wash Away Japanese flowers— Bonsai gardener. 321 How could I ever Count the raindrops on windows— Reflection of stars. 322 My foot plunges in Puddles deep as trenches chilled With the absent light.   323 A faceless chamber Voting against … Continue reading Haiku by Thomas Page (319-337)