The Lane is a River

By Ann Christine Tabaka                                                                                                                  We were in our mid-forties when we decided to get married. We had both been married before. At that point in our lives, we thought it would be best if we found that perfect house before exchanging our vows. At our age we knew we did not need to buy … Continue reading The Lane is a River

Ya Dara, Fly Tadorna

By Ruth Ticktin Most days before she went off to school, Dara was home alone with Matu, her grandmother. Matu was busy cooking for her husband and grandchildren, doing laundry, cleaning, mending clothes and sheets. Matu took Dara shopping with her, they walked to the market daily, and she made sure Dara was bathed, fed … Continue reading Ya Dara, Fly Tadorna

Pratt Street, Baltimore: A Nonfiction Story

By George Keyes There are several famous courses and stores along Pratt Street that seems to carry a common railroad myth to the Western Hemisphere. There is the link to the historical traffic at the Mount Clare Station near of Pratt and Poppleton Streets that was the first  full-fledged railroad depot in the entire country … Continue reading Pratt Street, Baltimore: A Nonfiction Story

A Response to Francis Bacon’s “The Four Idols”

By Thomas Page Can science answer everything? Why does your phone keep deleting your notes? Ask science. Why do monarch butterflies migrate every year through California? Ask science. How do I cook ramen in less time? Ask science. Francis Bacon says in his essay “The Four Idols” that science is the true path to knowledge. … Continue reading A Response to Francis Bacon’s “The Four Idols”