By Neil Brosnan Angela isn’t exactly sure when her loathing of public holidays first began, when each impending break from work had become a source of anguish rather than joy. She had once adored such breaks, and had perfected the art of manipulating isolated bank holidays into an extra week of annual leave – providing … Continue reading Driftwood

Watching Cricket with My Father

By R.B. Simpson Unsurprisingly, and like all my fellow boarders, the highlight of our school year was the Christmas holidays, straight after we had written our last end-of-year exam. Six weeks of unrestricted mayhem lay before us! We would rip our ties off and would be playing a last game of touch rugby on the … Continue reading Watching Cricket with My Father

A Sampling of What’s to Come

By Lynette Murry Christmas Is Vastly Different Christmas is vastly different, since you’re not here A somber season, no laughter or holiday cheer Our lives are shattered, nothing’s the same Memories recalled, with the mention of your name Thanksgiving was difficult, but that’s just the start An empty chair in remembrance of you, broke my … Continue reading A Sampling of What’s to Come

Christmas Contest: 3rd Place Fiction

"Christmas Presence" By Andrew Paul Grell “It’s time, Nick.  Are you up for it?”  Josh assessed the old man’s visage.  It wasn’t like the old days. Larger territory.  Vast increase in audience. Security. Changes in entrance and exit protocols.  Not that any of that mattered; it was Nick or nobody. “It’s been a while since … Continue reading Christmas Contest: 3rd Place Fiction