The Invisible Speaks and Other Poems by Erika Kamlert

The Invisible speaks You said you wanted to hear all of the grotesquely fascinating details and clichés Like the bright red inside of the earliest morning, so early it’s almost still night And the abysmal bed of wet and dirt, so dirty it’s almost hard and then her pure cunning, so bad it’s almost good … Continue reading The Invisible Speaks and Other Poems by Erika Kamlert

Mrs. Pearce

By Thomas Page In the eight houses I have lived in we have always lived with Mrs. Pearce. Now, Mrs. Pearce doesn’t say much but she always sits behind us at Thanksgiving Or listen to us as we opened gifts on Christmas. No one asked where Mrs. Pearce came from Or whether she would be … Continue reading Mrs. Pearce

“Ithaca” (Haiku 196-203)

By Thomas Page A father and son, Telemachus and The lost Odysseus Penelope’s basket and Sisyphus’ rock; Both always undone Dyed-blue bearded god, Brother heavenly thundered, Mimics by shaking Homer’s xenia, Custom hospitality, Stories and cyclops Boiling marrow Dry from bones, fear slowly cooks Courage from strong legs The eagle and geese War in Penelope’s … Continue reading “Ithaca” (Haiku 196-203)