Oral Poets

By Thomas Page   Rage Pantheons Man and war Midlife Deviled angels Overthrown gods Caribbean fishermen   Seafarers Warriors Nation-founders connected with nature All rhapsodies by remembering voices Trained by generations Forging new dawns And kingdoms And harmonies And memories.

A Portrait

By Thomas Page   Trying to capture someone’s essence, When they are no longer with us, Is like trying to replicate mummy-brown, Or Homer’s wine-dark seas, Or the rose of Augustus’ statues, Or the kinetic motion of Van Gogh, Or the undulations of O'Keeffe, Or the that shade of blue of Matisse, Or the stinging … Continue reading A Portrait

“Ithaca” (Haiku 196-203)

By Thomas Page A father and son, Telemachus and The lost Odysseus Penelope’s basket and Sisyphus’ rock; Both always undone Dyed-blue bearded god, Brother heavenly thundered, Mimics by shaking Homer’s xenia, Custom hospitality, Stories and cyclops Boiling marrow Dry from bones, fear slowly cooks Courage from strong legs The eagle and geese War in Penelope’s … Continue reading “Ithaca” (Haiku 196-203)