Academy Classics: Halloween’s End

By Jessica Ricks Jacob, Chrissy, and Marcus made their way to the end of the long, winding street. It was getting late. Houses were starting to turn off their lights indicating that they were done giving out candy. The streets that were busy with kids, and some teenagers, going from door to door in their … Continue reading Academy Classics: Halloween’s End

Echoes of a Distant Future

By John Lane For the past fifty years, NASA led a secret government project, called The Spoken Word, to determine the existence of life inside black holes. At the dawn of the twenty-first century, after the first two probes self-destructed, the agency successfully sent out a third probe, nicknamed Alpha 3, equipped with faster-than-light technology. … Continue reading Echoes of a Distant Future

Academy Classics: Thrice

By Thomas Page Everybody in town knew about the murders. You couldn’t walk down Washington Street without someone tapping you on the shoulder to confirm what they already knew. The Harrisons had lived in this little ordinary house on top of Rodham Hill about fifteen long steps away from their neighbors—the Tiffanys. Dan Tiffany was … Continue reading Academy Classics: Thrice