Academy Classics: O Tannenbaum

By Thomas Page The tree sort of slumped over. Ornaments scattered all over the ground. On the way down, the tree took out several pictures on the mantle. The ground was covered in broken glass, clay, and porcelain. Their dog, Sparkles, was trying to eat the remains of a surfing Santa. “Well, I’ll get some … Continue reading Academy Classics: O Tannenbaum

Three Poems by Thomas Page

Lascaux Hold my hand against the wall And blow the pigment through the reed Here am I and there us all And everything that you need.   There’s the cattle of the plain And there the bird of the sky. Avoid the horns that cause pain And the spots that lie.   We’ve been here … Continue reading Three Poems by Thomas Page

“The Last Bee Ends humanity’s Reign”

By Jake Cosmos Aller   The Humboldt Glacier, located high in the Andes mountain range in Venezuela, is the country’s last glacier. Glaciers are disappearing around the world due to climate change, which has also been a factor in declines and extinctions of animal species elsewhere. This month saw the death of George, the last … Continue reading “The Last Bee Ends humanity’s Reign”

The Pinnacle Unrealized is Our Only Hope

By  Linda Imbler The construct of realized man is the ultimate conceit. The finished image of man is a blasphemous myth. We must never believe our desire for perfection was consummated. We must never resist evolution to then be threatened with the sword of Damocles. Life should be transformation. Change should be life’s very quality. … Continue reading The Pinnacle Unrealized is Our Only Hope