“Illusions Stripped Away”

By Jake Cosmos Aller   Illusions stripped away I look at myself 63 years old In reasonable health Living with my wife Retired living overseas Writing a blog Getting poetry and short stories published And don’t understand Why I can’t be happy Political news infuriates me And causes stress Perhaps it is time to just … Continue reading “Illusions Stripped Away”

Poems By J.J.Campbell

to let my youth go   i find myself staring at older black women these days   i'm not sure if it's habit   or my unwillingness to let my youth go   maybe it's all the endless dreams of my first girlfriend and where we could be now   i think part of me … Continue reading Poems By J.J.Campbell

Burnished Silver Pull Knobs

By Ann Christine Tabaka Burnished silver pull knobs on wooden drawers, distort the images of surrounding objects. I am intrigued, trying to discern the blurry world being reflected back at me. My perception of reality is twisted and stretched following the spherical shape of the handles. The effects are quite disturbing, playing games with my vision. … Continue reading Burnished Silver Pull Knobs