Florets of Fancy

By Welkin Siskin   Imagination does want to swing In the undercroft of things, And needless to mention does it constantly flow To uncover what’s called a glow. To lay hands on and hang onto fancy, To fancy for whatever could truly be, Perchance to smooch the light in darkness Or conceal you from sadness, … Continue reading Florets of Fancy

Alchemy of Imagination

By Welkin Siskin It is somewhat a reflection of mind, this labyrinth of thin-to-thick idea sort out as the remedy from within the to-and-fro   counteraction of active thoughts. Orange-curled fern-like bones          till break form the fossils; this maze of the world's a journey, An alchemy of imagination. Hard I try, … Continue reading Alchemy of Imagination

Burnished Silver Pull Knobs

By Ann Christine Tabaka Burnished silver pull knobs on wooden drawers, distort the images of surrounding objects. I am intrigued, trying to discern the blurry world being reflected back at me. My perception of reality is twisted and stretched following the spherical shape of the handles. The effects are quite disturbing, playing games with my vision. … Continue reading Burnished Silver Pull Knobs