Will of a marginal writer

By Sunil Sharma   When I die, erase all the memories as I do not wish to linger on in few digital pictures stored in a Smartphone moments, moods, posed smiles of no immediate or historical worth, social value  or public  relevance to family or friend or foes; I wish to be forgotten and obliterated … Continue reading Will of a marginal writer

Poem Sun

By Guna Moran   Translated from the Assamese by Bibekananda Choudhury   I cry inconsolably after reading a poem I can’t stop myself from crying out After penning a poem The poems that I read Under such pencil of light It is a boon of a star That expired a hundred years ago A hundred years … Continue reading Poem Sun

A rose and waste picker

By Sunil Sharma   A rose blooms on a dump in Delhi It sways in the morning wind the way drunk girls sway and swear on the predatory Indian streets and restricted cultural zones to express happiness and freedom from stifling familial and patriarchal constraints In Mumbai and other metros on long Saturday nights. The morning light plays on the petals and … Continue reading A rose and waste picker