The Song That Woke Me Up

By Alex Andy Phuong        For the longest time, I viewed life with an existential perspective as I previously believed that life simply has no meaning.  Lost and confused, I doubted the possibility that there is a reason for why I live.  However, the simple act of curiosity helped me experience what I … Continue reading The Song That Woke Me Up

A Collection of Poems by Alex Andy Phuong

Hope The notion of “never losing hope” Might sound cliché But that could really help people Not go astray Time keeps on ticking And the future might be uncertain Yet people who Hold on the their dreams And use this present moment The greatest present of all To pave a better future Impact the world … Continue reading A Collection of Poems by Alex Andy Phuong

“Poésie D’Hiver” (Haiku 189-195)

By Thomas Page Am I limited To what I can know? Modern Scholar, future fool? Gray-white wildcat Who loves my garbage Hiding in the urban woods Can I string these pearls— Random passing thoughts— Into beautiful jewelry? A recursive clock Continuously chimes at Intervals sixty Paradise by the Sea is sweeter when you’re in Cold … Continue reading “Poésie D’Hiver” (Haiku 189-195)