By Jim Bates Sandra Mason was a studious girl who took life seriously, much to the joy of her father, Wallace, a physics teacher at the University of Minnesota.  “I’m so proud of Sandy,” he said, coming down the stairs after telling his seven-year-old daughter good night. “She’s just like I used to be at … Continue reading Strontium

Your Life

By Jim Bates   You live your entire life.  You are born and you grow. You go to school. You learn. You make friends and fall in love for the first time. Your heart is broken. You learn to deal with pain. You walk in the woods and learn to stop and feel what Nature … Continue reading Your Life

Three Haiku

By James Bates   Butterfly Delight Purple Coneflower Monarch butterfly alights Double delightful.   Sunlight Dancing Morning dew sparkles Tiny droplets glistening Sunlight dances wildly.   Thirst Springtime misting rain Tender garden shoots reaching Thirstily drinking.   Jim lives in a small town twenty miles west of Minneapolis, Minnesota. His stories have appeared online in CafeLit, The … Continue reading Three Haiku