An Elegy to Barkeley

By John Goodie I had to witness death today No, not just any death, but that of my best friend, a selfless, comforting soul The soul of an Angel she had You could tell it by her tail and the licking of toes Or jumps to give a kiss Barkeley, a lab/pit mix I met … Continue reading An Elegy to Barkeley

Tuna Tortellini with Cream

By John Goodie Eli, the main chef in the kitchen at his family-owned Jewish Ghetto restaurant near Rome’s Trastevere neighborhood, heard a ruckus outside when the sous-chef, Jacob, opened the back door to step out for a cigarette. Eli grew up in that Italian-Jewish kitchen, learning to cook with his grandfather and father, easily mastering … Continue reading Tuna Tortellini with Cream