Poems by John Anthony Fingleton

Through a Rain Covered Window in Saint Petersburg The sky is clouding over, The wind is building up, I think a lot of rain is going to fall, The little birds that know these things, Are singing in the trees, A warning to all creatures, great and small. Outside the cars are speeding up; People … Continue reading Poems by John Anthony Fingleton

“The Journey”

By Sunil Sharma   I will take you to where moon is Or, other some such places where You hear the Amazon singing at her tenor full. The Niagara falling falling falling like tumbling$ Or: The ancient Nile being travelled by a young Cleopatra and Antony And recorded by the Bard for the King’s Men, … Continue reading “The Journey”

“Ithaca” (Haiku 196-203)

By Thomas Page A father and son, Telemachus and The lost Odysseus Penelope’s basket and Sisyphus’ rock; Both always undone Dyed-blue bearded god, Brother heavenly thundered, Mimics by shaking Homer’s xenia, Custom hospitality, Stories and cyclops Boiling marrow Dry from bones, fear slowly cooks Courage from strong legs The eagle and geese War in Penelope’s … Continue reading “Ithaca” (Haiku 196-203)

Should I one day remember that other life of ours

By James Diaz my, what beautiful years you have in your pack, trailing the eastern front brambles, burning barns- then the light in your eyes hesitating between things I broke like bread crumbs every stone in me hungry for naming, clamor cells bursting cool, summer crushes and hanging laundry forest winding its longest arm around … Continue reading Should I one day remember that other life of ours