Two Poems by Nancy Lou Henderson

God Knows When questioning, He understands. If hearts break, God mends. When feet dance, He rejoices. If we sing, God praises. When eyes cry, He holds. If sickness overpowers, God heals. When grief comes, He comforts. If we pray, He listens. When sins confessed, God forgives. If troubles overwhelm, God solves. When we are patient, … Continue reading Two Poems by Nancy Lou Henderson

Poems by Len Kuntz

Sometimes I Wonder   (…)   Sometimes I wonder if you remember the trees, how they splayed for us, or the stars stitching their stories together, the ones where everybody wins and everything’s perfect. Sometimes I wonder If you’re still making your guesses, if the moon is just as pale and beautiful where you’re standing … Continue reading Poems by Len Kuntz