“A grass widower/lover writes”

By Sunil Sharma   Even in your long absence--- I hear daily your musical voice! The multi-coloured jingle of the bangles And the silver anklets Your laughter lingers On summer nights. I smell the perfume you wear To your work daily. As I drift finally Into the land of beautiful gentle sleep After a long … Continue reading “A grass widower/lover writes”

Yeats, and why I choose to laugh

By Ryan Quinn Flanagan I got to be honest.  I never liked Yeats. An Irishman who doesn’t dig Yeats, what sacrilege!  Well, a Canadian-Irishman anyways. And maybe it is that geographical distance which allows for a more honest literary distance as well.  Yeats always seemed so sad to me; the eternal victim covering himself in … Continue reading Yeats, and why I choose to laugh