Resetting the Clock

By Bob Faszczewski        This damned inventory count took two entire business weeks—would you believe it? Two whole weeks. I think I am totally surrounded by incompetent fools. I have a good mind to fire them all and start over from scratch.         After extracting myself from this den of stupidity I have to claw my way … Continue reading Resetting the Clock

Perceived Reality

By Lynn Long   Perception is reality,  yet, a deception  within itself... For can one ever truly be aware- of worlds  beyond their own, if  we're unwilling to open our eyes,  to truths unknown?  Life is a continuous cycle, on the road to  self-awareness,  repeated lessons  of moments  forever eternal Striving, we can only move  forward  knowing what  we know Learning, ever learning  as we go... Lynn Long- … Continue reading Perceived Reality