Poems by Alex Andy Phuong

Tri Birth Life Departure Throughout the journey The path could be rough Mistakes are inevitable Things happen Life happens Failures could be Gifts That educate Strive for more And try your best Because not trying Is the ultimate Form of failure Me Myself I Mind Body Soul All Coming Full-circle   Educate Aspire to inspire … Continue reading Poems by Alex Andy Phuong

Resetting the Clock

By Bob Faszczewski        This damned inventory count took two entire business weeks—would you believe it? Two whole weeks. I think I am totally surrounded by incompetent fools. I have a good mind to fire them all and start over from scratch.         After extracting myself from this den of stupidity I have to claw my way … Continue reading Resetting the Clock

Perceived Reality

By Lynn Long   Perception is reality,  yet, a deception  within itself... For can one ever truly be aware- of worlds  beyond their own, if  we're unwilling to open our eyes,  to truths unknown?  Life is a continuous cycle, on the road to  self-awareness,  repeated lessons  of moments  forever eternal Striving, we can only move  forward  knowing what  we know Learning, ever learning  as we go... Lynn Long- … Continue reading Perceived Reality