Capture the Flame

By Carrie Connel-Gripp   The blue-white charge of magic coursed through the rope woven with silver and gold threads and the hair of the king’s four daughters. Geradonis paced on the west side of the pyre. As the Harvest Moon rose from behind the hills in front of him, the great orb of the sun descended … Continue reading Capture the Flame

The fear of success

By Jessica Ricks    Most people are afraid Of the unknown. Anew relationship, Visiting a new place, Where you will go at the end of your life. Success is like death.   I see myself shrouded In greatness. Being well-known, Full of happiness, That admired person who Can say “I made it.”   Success requires … Continue reading The fear of success

Illusion is our imagined separation from God

By Allison Grayhurst   Bend down and savor the shallow water, stroking out praise like the wind strokes the skin on a gentle day. I was in the pit, closed across the journey, forming lines, lining up eagle eggs, pine cones and leashes. Breaking though irregular dreams that break the edges and expand in an … Continue reading Illusion is our imagined separation from God