Academy Classics: O Tannenbaum

By Thomas Page The tree sort of slumped over. Ornaments scattered all over the ground. On the way down, the tree took out several pictures on the mantle. The ground was covered in broken glass, clay, and porcelain. Their dog, Sparkles, was trying to eat the remains of a surfing Santa. “Well, I’ll get some … Continue reading Academy Classics: O Tannenbaum

Desert Wind

By Jim Bates Dave was grateful for the final emotional push as he clamored up and over the edge of Lizard Peak onto the top, a large flat area.  "Thanks, man," he said to Lyle, his life companion for the last forty years. He was nearly out of breath."I needed that." Lyle was also his … Continue reading Desert Wind

Capital Disappointment and Signs

By Arianna Sebo CAPITAL DISAPPOINTMENT Scissor Wizards hair whizzers extraordinaire buzzers and bleachers braiders and curlers lady with headphones greets me at the door she barely acknowledges I’m wearing no clothes she must be listening to a soap opera on those phones I watch her eyebrows flicker and twitch like a newly born caterpillar I … Continue reading Capital Disappointment and Signs