Good Job

By Abe Margel It was the kind of hot and humid day in June that made Toronto feel like Miami. On the scorching sidewalk women in summer dresses and men in uncomfortable suits shuffled through a pair of wide wooden doors leading into the convocation hall. Inside the air-conditioned building a happy crowd was assembling. … Continue reading Good Job

Jill & the Mountain

By Nancy Lou Henderson Jill turned onto the dirt road that led to the house. Looking out of the car’s windshield, she could see the house up ahead and the towering Mountain that stood behind it. Stopping the vehicle for a moment, Jill slowly inhaled as she took in the breathtaking sight in front of … Continue reading Jill & the Mountain

Capital Disappointment and Signs

By Arianna Sebo CAPITAL DISAPPOINTMENT Scissor Wizards hair whizzers extraordinaire buzzers and bleachers braiders and curlers lady with headphones greets me at the door she barely acknowledges I’m wearing no clothes she must be listening to a soap opera on those phones I watch her eyebrows flicker and twitch like a newly born caterpillar I … Continue reading Capital Disappointment and Signs