Not Here

By C. Toto Zaremba We used to walk here together. We wondered who the people were And who they left behind. We knew them only as names on stones. We knew they were no longer here. Your name is not on a stone. You would never sit here quietly. I don't come here to visit … Continue reading Not Here

Academy Classics: The League

By Thomas Page Mary Susannah Damon did not expect this to happen. Sure, dabbling in the Dark Arts would cause some closed-minded people to say that she was in league with the Devil himself, but she did not expect the League of Magic meeting at her local civic center to be so intolerant. "What do … Continue reading Academy Classics: The League

Capital Disappointment and Signs

By Arianna Sebo CAPITAL DISAPPOINTMENT Scissor Wizards hair whizzers extraordinaire buzzers and bleachers braiders and curlers lady with headphones greets me at the door she barely acknowledges I’m wearing no clothes she must be listening to a soap opera on those phones I watch her eyebrows flicker and twitch like a newly born caterpillar I … Continue reading Capital Disappointment and Signs

Poems by Ann Christine Tabaka

Resist Against Resistance Stand upSit downTake a kneeTurn your backProtests are nothing new Silent facesMouths tapedEyes shutArms crossedDisbelief fosters opposition Signs screamWords redExclamation marksHeld highMarching across the land Roads closedBodies proneBodies supineBlock trafficSolidarity harbors truth Your Warmth Twenty six years together,eight of them good,none really bad. So what if we sleepin separate rooms? Many of … Continue reading Poems by Ann Christine Tabaka