The Tunnel

By Nancy Lou Henderson It was time to begin her journey, and Elsa wondered, was she prepared? Once taking the first step on to the pathway, there would be no going back. Elsa took a deep breath, then saw herself at the opening to the tunnel. A path stretched out in front of her, leading … Continue reading The Tunnel

The Life-Blood of Poetry

By Lori Newbold   I release my thoughts into the care of words So they can fly upon the wings of poetry. Soaring among clouds of creativity, And then gracefully landing To their home on my page. The life-blood of these emotions flows, Freely as ink from my pen, Forming sentences that give voice to … Continue reading The Life-Blood of Poetry

Poems by Ann Christine Tabaka

Resist Against Resistance Stand upSit downTake a kneeTurn your backProtests are nothing new Silent facesMouths tapedEyes shutArms crossedDisbelief fosters opposition Signs screamWords redExclamation marksHeld highMarching across the land Roads closedBodies proneBodies supineBlock trafficSolidarity harbors truth Your Warmth Twenty six years together,eight of them good,none really bad. So what if we sleepin separate rooms? Many of … Continue reading Poems by Ann Christine Tabaka