Surreal Magic Moments and Lockdown

By Maureen Barron Surreal Magic Moments The cellist¬† had once played in the London Philharmonic. She spoke with plummy aplomb. She introduced the catholic priest dressed in his robes. He, long and thin and fair of hair, sat pious at the piano. We were battered by life, weary with worry. Sent for sanctuary to a … Continue reading Surreal Magic Moments and Lockdown

Corona Virus Lockdown

By Sahaj Sabharwal The most necessary step taken in the whole town, To prevent Corona Virus, is the lockdown. It is for our own good, To stop Corona Virus, Governments of different countries took steps to the extent they could. Covid 19 emerges as a big threat, Having symptoms as dry cough, high fever and … Continue reading Corona Virus Lockdown