Various Poems

By Marc Carver I walked down Congress I wrote a poem at every bench I came to and left it there. Must have been ten or so I even left one in a bush I can't remember all the words but I can remember the soul of them         LOST As I … Continue reading Various Poems

The Note

By Max Casey-Bolanos   There was this feeling that was running through my body that I couldn’t explain. I had been having dream this weird dream about losing my keys. I would search for them for hours, and when I finally found them this lady would show up and say to me, “Nothing is ever … Continue reading The Note

Illusion is our imagined separation from God

By Allison Grayhurst   Bend down and savor the shallow water, stroking out praise like the wind strokes the skin on a gentle day. I was in the pit, closed across the journey, forming lines, lining up eagle eggs, pine cones and leashes. Breaking though irregular dreams that break the edges and expand in an … Continue reading Illusion is our imagined separation from God