“The Missing and/or Stolen Inflatable Colon Has Been Found!”

By John Dorroh   The Kansas City, Kansas, Health System is making plans to celebrate the long-lost inflatable colon, which has now been found inside a house on Virginia Street. October 23, 2018 1. The giant inflatable colon has been found right down the street as I drink coffee and pour myself a bowl of … Continue reading “The Missing and/or Stolen Inflatable Colon Has Been Found!”

“The St. John” and “Abandoned Barns”

By Thomas Page “The St. John” Cypress and Palm jut out of the Water in the St. John. Cows graze Along the flooded plains, eagles Roost in watercolored trees, fish Swim along side airboats whizzing O’er alligators torporing, Cranes, spoonbills, and other avians Float on ebbing lagoons now full. “Abandoned Barns” Abandoned barns sitting nearby … Continue reading “The St. John” and “Abandoned Barns”

Life is a Glass of Coke

By Sravani Singampalli Email id: srvscool@gmail.com Bio: Sravani Singampalli is a published writer and poet from India. She is presently pursuing doctor of pharmacy at JNTU KAKINADA university in Andhra Pradesh,India. I sit with a glass of coke I take small sips And enjoy its refreshing taste. Conversations with my friends press on And after sometime … Continue reading Life is a Glass of Coke