On the Ruins and Other Poems

By Arti Rai on the ruins on the ruins of my grave strew those flowers that bloom in love season and lovers which crave forget not to lay a bunch of roses and carve my grave next to his lane by the side of the river in lover's premises midst the roses and roses and … Continue reading On the Ruins and Other Poems


by Mike Turner Open window Admits the sun And cooling, gentle breeze Brushing across Our entwined limbs As we doze with languid ease Sated, relaxed Exertions spent Our yearning senses pleased Content, renewed As slumber comes With love’s passions appeased Mike Turner is a songwriter and poet living on the US Gulf Coast. He was … Continue reading Afterglow

Poems by Ann Christine Tabaka

Resist Against Resistance Stand upSit downTake a kneeTurn your backProtests are nothing new Silent facesMouths tapedEyes shutArms crossedDisbelief fosters opposition Signs screamWords redExclamation marksHeld highMarching across the land Roads closedBodies proneBodies supineBlock trafficSolidarity harbors truth Your Warmth Twenty six years together,eight of them good,none really bad. So what if we sleepin separate rooms? Many of … Continue reading Poems by Ann Christine Tabaka