By Lynn Long A tiny star The scent of Jasmine Warm winds from afar And my heart remembers What once it longed In the melancholy feelings Of a love wished upon... Lynn Long is poet, writer, and dreamer. She is a believer in the impossible and resides somewhere in time. Her work can be found … Continue reading Moonstar


By Lynn Long   Yellow butterflies on a spring breeze And the very real knowledge, I will never be- The summer wind navigating your ship upon love's tempestuous seas Eowyn to your Aragorn I fall with grace... Seeking shelter from the storm  amid Autumn's reign- and finding  solace in the winter... once again xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Winter blues One … Continue reading Poetry

Perceived Reality

By Lynn Long   Perception is reality,  yet, a deception  within itself... For can one ever truly be aware- of worlds  beyond their own, if  we're unwilling to open our eyes,  to truths unknown?  Life is a continuous cycle, on the road to  self-awareness,  repeated lessons  of moments  forever eternal Striving, we can only move  forward  knowing what  we know Learning, ever learning  as we go... Lynn Long- … Continue reading Perceived Reality