Lockdown Walk Through Memory Lane

By Maureen Barron The path starts at the fields given over to money making whooping windmills. They say the blades kill the flying birds in the dark! I hope they don't. Why do I have to worry? It spoils things. Don't think! Dog daisies and Hawthorn hedges glimmering from sun's rays. On through the meadows … Continue reading Lockdown Walk Through Memory Lane

All About Time

By Maureen Barron Wardrobe isolation butterflies bracken Corona virus procrastination fairies photographs alienation. Wiggling toes in bed  keeping warm. Views of windmills through windows. The bedroom messy with lavender walls, untidy topped wardrobes, wardrobes so full they dip the floor. Really should get rid of stuff don't need it don't go out anymore. Curtains with … Continue reading All About Time