Poems by Stephen Kingsnorth

Reel Journeys   Few weekend miles I pedal bike through juggernauts, a colporteur, of imaginations, peddler, to change her library books, as scout to scour travel shelves for tomes, to take round globe poor-sight shut-in.   I, from saddle, expedition lead, survey routes, change climate, clime, prepare her passage, appoint path, sail wave, hack jungle … Continue reading Poems by Stephen Kingsnorth

Alejandro, 2019

By Tomer Peretz   “Alejandro”, 2019 Oil on Canvas 72” x 60” Part of my upcoming exhibition “Incomplete”, Ouro Studio, LA, CA Narcos actor, Alejandro Edda is a friend of mine and he is staring in a short film called “El Bus”; a story of a family man who gives up on life. Not being … Continue reading Alejandro, 2019