Parallelism Between Conrad’s “Heart of Darkness” and Ahmed’s “Moirae.”

By Mehreen Ahmed When the stream of consciousness technique was first introduced at the turn of the 20th century, it was difficult for many publishers to accept it. Mainly because, such a style endorsed ungrammatical choppy sentences, and sentences that had not made much sense. After James Joyce, finished and published Ulysses, it was almost … Continue reading Parallelism Between Conrad’s “Heart of Darkness” and Ahmed’s “Moirae.”

Moirae and Transcendental Idealism

Moirae and transcendental idealism: How can dreams be categorised as transcendental idealism? An essay on my book Moirae, based on Kant’s doctrine of transcendental idealism vs transcendental realism. By Mehreen Ahmed This paper focuses on my published book, Moirae. In this, I discuss dreams in the light of Kant’s doctrine of transcendental idealism. From the outset, … Continue reading Moirae and Transcendental Idealism