Two Poems by Andrew Scott

Not Tonight She puts her face into another school book Each new subject deserves a new look Only a little over a year to meet the end game Where she can put well deserved initials after her name Now, endless papers to write, books to read Never letting rest be a mental need Each day, … Continue reading Two Poems by Andrew Scott

Two Poems by Kelli J. Gavin

Ocean Restoration   The only hit I have ever welcomed was the slap of a wave First, my ankles and then my thighs Shocked by the coolness yet I welcome it again and again When my waist is consumed and I gasp in delight Even when I stumble back a step and lose my footing … Continue reading Two Poems by Kelli J. Gavin

Story Contest 3rd place

The Braille Reader By Deryn Pittar “There’re feathers all over the floor, again,” Mother said, her voice cross and exasperated. “I’m heartily sick of picking them up.” Christina shook her head at this utterly ridiculous statement, considering they didn’t have a budgie or a parrot. Her mother had early-on-set dementia and  often became confused. She … Continue reading Story Contest 3rd place