Christmas Contest Honorable Mentions: Poetry

By Regina Elliot   "A Mrs. Claus Heart" A Mrs. Claus heart, is to be giving, a woman- who cherishes Christmastide in all the months of the year, charity is a gift to her- that God knows she will share. "Christmas Moments" Shoppers buying their families' gift wishes, one with thoughts of hand painted reindeer … Continue reading Christmas Contest Honorable Mentions: Poetry

Beauty and Bravery

By Ian Copestick   Sitting, dozing as through the open Window comes the gorgeous aroma of Grass, trees and the countryside. Yes, life can be tough, at times it can Be darn near unbearable, but some Things are just made to be savoured. A warm, summer's night when I can See a beautiful, sleek fox … Continue reading Beauty and Bravery