First Comes the Baby

By Christopher Major If Chari let his birth certificate tell it his fate had been printed in black ink on a document destined for obscurity. Name: Chari Richardson. Race: Black. Mother: Angela Richardson. Mother’s Age: Twenty. Mother’s Race: Black. Mothers Occupation: Student. Farther: Blank Space. Let the coroner tell it Death had been banged into … Continue reading First Comes the Baby

The Courage My Mother Had

By Wegolonyo Erick The courage that my mother had Went with her and is with her still: Licac* raced from the battlefield; But my mother endowed me with her brawn. The rancid kitenge¤ my mother wore She left behind for me to wear; I have nothing to treasure  more: Yet, 'tis something I could spare. … Continue reading The Courage My Mother Had