With Hands Tied

By Fernanda Poblete Gonzalez The door opened, and he entered quickly. He had a coffee cup and a few papers in his hand. He stood in front of me as he adjusted his crooked black tie. "Miss Martinez?" He addressed me. "Yes," I replied, with my hands wet from my anxiety.  “I am Detective Patricio … Continue reading With Hands Tied

What’s in a Name?

By Joan Leotta Elena slid into the chair across the table from her friend Alda at Nettie’s Coffee Emporium. “Sorry I’m late. Overseas phone call. Did you order coffee for me?” Alda laughed. “ Of course. And a pistachio muffin too. You have the same thing every week.” She pushed one a plate over to … Continue reading What’s in a Name?

Cocoon Emergent

By Victoria Crawford Milkweed branch suspended, wet wings uncurl to signal visible chant of cymbals beat with runes encrypted. Nuance  baffles phonetic delivery. Delicate stretch under sun seasoning, salting vellum damp to parchment that cues message rhythms, cracks and curves, waved in wild calligraphy, blackletter skin engraved. Purposeful definition arises in wild words soaring  beyond vision, … Continue reading Cocoon Emergent