Life Mystery

By John Goodie Can you hear the trees as they grow Or see the bees make combs of honey? Can you touch the thunder of a cloud Or smell the wonder in a child’s fresh mind Can you see when death might visit Or taste the beast when he gets near? Can you smell the … Continue reading Life Mystery

When the Clock Stops

By Kat Devitt I sat staring at the hands, frozen in their rotation, their ticking not filling the room. I waited another second to see if a spring might force it to leap forward. Just once. Just to prove life still grinded through the cogs in the ormolu clock, tick, tick, ticking away. But nothing … Continue reading When the Clock Stops

Cocoon Emergent

By Victoria Crawford Milkweed branch suspended, wet wings uncurl to signal visible chant of cymbals beat with runes encrypted. Nuance  baffles phonetic delivery. Delicate stretch under sun seasoning, salting vellum damp to parchment that cues message rhythms, cracks and curves, waved in wild calligraphy, blackletter skin engraved. Purposeful definition arises in wild words soaring  beyond vision, … Continue reading Cocoon Emergent

Burnished Silver Pull Knobs

By Ann Christine Tabaka Burnished silver pull knobs on wooden drawers, distort the images of surrounding objects. I am intrigued, trying to discern the blurry world being reflected back at me. My perception of reality is twisted and stretched following the spherical shape of the handles. The effects are quite disturbing, playing games with my vision. … Continue reading Burnished Silver Pull Knobs